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Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment
It is a common believe in the World, that energy production and protection of the environment are contrast with each other, they are two antagonistic processes. Contrary to this belief, we believe and know, and this claim is proven day in and day out, that exist such technologies that are capable to meet the strictest environmental requirements. We believe in the success of the creative brain power and the ingenuity of the professionals, although nobody can expect readymade solutions for all issues instantaneously. Our company has invested significant effort ,will do similarly in the future, and supports the environmental friendly green energy technologies in general, and in specifically in the utilization of the municipal solid waste materials for the widest range in energy generation.

 Energy systems

It is our belief that with present-day traditional energy producing systems, the total emission of gas and solid environmental contaminants cannot be reduced to the level that would stop the continuously-increasing rate of environmental pollution. However, it is of paramount importance that with gradual changes in the energy producing systems and with the introduction of new environmentally-friendly technologies, societies can significantly slow the deterioration of the environment, and develop the basis for a completely sustainable, green-energy society.


Environmental effects

Almost all forms of industry or industrial sectors, including manufacturing/production, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and grocery industries, among many others, produce huge quantities of waste products that end up as industry waste, municipal solid waste and as animal and human organic sludge that creates one of the most challenging problems during the disposal process, especially when the disposal is required to meet the strictest environmental protection requirements. Even the most advanced waste disposal systems seriously endanger a biosphere which current society would like to bequeath to the following generation in at least as livable and pristine condition as they have inherited it from their parents. Proper waste disposal requires a complex system along with a clear vision and a similarly complex mindset. A clear understanding of the globally interconnected systems of the environment can seem to be an almost insurmountable task, but our company believes that even the seemingly insurmountable question of the biosphere and its complex processes can be broken down into successive steps that are approachable and indeed controllable with our finite technological and scientific understanding and processes. Many small steps taken in our technological development and our daily lives will result in great accomplishment.

Environmentally friendly energy systems

Our company promotes and delivers environmentally-friendly technologies that operate with almost zero emission, prevent ground water contamination by recirculating the process water (and/or if necessary may produce clear disposable water) using a unique, patent-protected waste-water treatment process, do not emit noxious or greenhouse gases during operations, and produce a solid byproduct can be either utilized or safely disposed as non-leachable ash. Overall, the environmental contamination is so limited that it represents the smallest possible environmental footprint compared to any existing similar energy generating systems. The technology provides a solution for two very important environmental problems: it operates with almost zero emission while producing energy from urban solid waste and organic sludge disposal from waste water treatment plants, which, in addition to being a fully renewable resource, represent a massive and growing problem for contemporary society.