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Industry and Environmental Activity Areas

Industry and Environmental Activity Areas
The company is capable of organizing and managing industry and environmental projects including engineering and procurement for the transportation, mining, manufacturing, and energy sectors at different levels, especially those related to energy generation through the complete utilization and management of urban solid waste materials, bio-mass, and agricultural, animal husbandry and food processing wastes. The company carries out specific research in the areas of energy and technological sciences related to renewable energy generation.

 Energy Resources

Energy production begins with the exploration of mineral resources and continues into the exploitation of the mineral reserves and energy production. The circuit completes by the disposal of the waste materials produced during energy production, including long-term monitoring and maintenance of the waste disposal sites. Experts directly or indirectly employed by or associated with our company are capable of coordinating and managing the full cycle of complex energy production systems.  The company can develop the complex computer modeling of the system including the specific elements such as resource, mining and production, support, health and safety, and financial and economic models that are in full compliance with national and international Best Practices and environmental requirements. Our company can satisfy the most delicate financial, technical and environmental requirements for our customers.

 Alternative and sustainable energy resources

In addition to the utilization of traditional energy resources, our company is capable of providing technology that can utilize bio-mass, agricultural waste or byproducts, municipal solid waste or any carbonaceous material as feedstock in a highly environmentally-friendly process. The system is very flexible, and the company can offer power plants economically at different capacities that are to replace, substitute or complement existing power plants presently utilizing different fuel materials. The generated energy can be used as is in a stand-alone system or as an energy system that will not only serve the increased local energy needs but also will assist in balancing the load distribution of the national electrical grid. This will also assist to shift the balance toward green energy at the national level.

 Alternative energy generation systems

Our company believes that a country or an economic region or larger socioeconomical region such as the European Union should develop a comprehensive energy policy/system incorporating all presently available and developing energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal, and biomass-based energy sources in combination with traditional solid hydrocarbon systems. Under no conditions can it be justified to build a nation’s energy system based on one single energy resource, especially one that must be imported. Such one-sided energy systems cannot be accepted from either an economical or a political and safety standpoint. The obvious and prudent solution is to utilize all available energy resources, and only then supplement these with limited imported energy. Our company gives preference to those energy resources that are not specific to any given geologicalor geographical occurrence or availability, but are generic to a contemporary society and which are sustainable and renewable resources. Such energy resources can and should be part of any country’s energy structure, to be supplemented with additional special local resources or imported material as necessary.

 Design process and partners

The energy systems or power plants that are supplied by our company are based on many proprietary patents and company trade secrets, and high-precision manufacturing and design by the most well-known and internationally recognized firms. Due to the wide variety of participating design and manufacturing firms, the parameters depending in great extent from the energy resources of a given project, and from the very project-specific economic, financial and geographical conditions, even a partial list of our design firms, manufacturers or suppliers would be exhaustive. However, we are happy to provide specific information in this area to serious and qualified customers or potential customers.

 Manufacturing system

The basic equipment and unit of our energy system is presently manufactured in the USA.  Many elements that coordinate with the basic unit are manufactured in different countries, however, assembly of the plant is done in the USA. To assure reliable operation from the very first moment of operation on the purchaser’s site, the company fully assembles the complex system at the US manufacturing and testing site. During the testing, the purchaser’s representatives will have the opportunity to inspect the plant to ensure sound operation, and to review all test results and performance parameters to ascertain that they meet or exceed the agreed performance parameters as set out in the purchasing agreement. The basic unit is manufactured in a modular form that allows speedy dismantling, containerization and safe shipping/transportation to the purchaser’s site, wherever it may be located in the world.  The supplier will provide technical experts for the assembly of the plant at the purchaser’s site, carry out local testing, and will provide full training for the local operators. This process is specified in the purchase agreement, and is flexible in order to always provide for the best interests and requirements of the purchaser.  The supplier will provide an operational guarantee for at least one year, with the condition that any faulty parts will be replaced by the manufacturer to no expense to the owner/operator.