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Through our company’s employees and professionals from our suppliers and associates, significant theoretical and practical knowledge has been accumulated by our company, all of which is readily available for self-government and municipalities eager to introduce new technologies to assure that their region meets the highest standards set forth for environmental and sustainable energy policies. Our experience is that most municipalities have already developed much of their green energy and environmental policies and plans, and they are looking for the best applicable technologies with reasonable financing mechanisms and support in place to help them to meet their set goals. Unicorp Inc. stands able and ready to assist such municipalities to develop the best systems to this end, and to provide support to explore and obtain the most advantageous financial arrangements possible.


Economic slowdowns or crises, increasing population, and increasing energy costs have created global challenges for each country small and large by serious unemployment and the stagnation (lack) of breakthrough technological developments, along with relentlessly increasing health insurance costs and unresolved major environmental problems.  Although significant progress forward from such a difficult situation requires global solutions, it is undeniable that smaller countries, communities, or even municipalities should introduce innovative and regional solutions at different levels to help jump-start the recovery process. More extensive energy savings, water and waste-water management accompanied by strict and enforceable environmental regulations and compliance is a must. Local geological, geographical and societal conditions will naturally render the solutions from country to country and perhaps even from city to city to be different from one another, but doing nothing is not an acceptable solution. Our company is ready to partner with municipalities in this challenging and rewarding endeavor.


Complex challenges/problems require equally complex solutions. On the one hand, our stable of experts analyze the interconnected systems and boundary-mechanisms, while on the other they develop the models for all possible alternative solutions at premier, secondary and tertiary levels.  The experts invest special effort in determining and defining any possible negative effects that cannot be modeled, establish a reasonable certainty for such occurrences which will be examined and analysed with experts from environmental, biological, geological and other relevant areas, and so jointly establish the best possible mitigation process in order to meet the strictest environmental requirements.