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Global Services

Global Services
Our company has offices with representatives, brokers and agents in many countries and regions in order to assure the most efficient and timely communication and assistance to our prospective customers. It is well established that densely populated areas are those that produce the most household and industrial waste, and also the most organic sludge, from waste-water treatment plants. In addition, these are the regions in which illegal or inappropriate waste disposal most frequently occurs. Consequently, these are the areas where our company sees the highest need and possibilities to resolve the appropriate utilization and disposal issues of such waste materials.

The effectiveness of the technology that forms the basis of the TCG units is not influenced by geographical or environmental parameters, and operates with almost zero emissions, therefore these units can be used under any conditions independent of local traditions and societal customs. The system can significantly contribute to the self-sufficiency of a community, city or larger region concerning energy/electricity needs, district heating or, by utilizing a more complex system, to the transportation or private vehicle fuel needs of the community.

 Operation and maintenance

The TCG unit and the downstream connecting units (depending on the final product requirements) are designed and built in a modular form, making the system exceptionally flexible in terms of repair, maintenance, assembly and disassembly, as may be required.

The larger systems are wholly computer controlled, and the operational data collection is automated to the level that the operator can monitor all important unit and sub-unit data from a central control room, and be able to adjust the operating parameters within a very tight range in order to assure that the produced syngas meets the set requirement within very small tolerances. The major operating parameters and conditions data recorder and transporter allows the operator to share the information with the supplier or manufacturer, and similarly the manufacturer can continuously receive the data through the internet for long-term recording.  The recorded operational parameters and data will assist both the operator/owner and the supplier/manufacturer to analyze the operating conditions, which in turn will assist in resolving the cause of any malfunction or faulty instrument/equipment. Naturally, only the owner/operator can make adjustment or changes in the operating parameters, but in case of any technical problem, the operator can request the assistance of the supplier/manufacturer without hesitation and delay.

The purchase agreement specifies that the supplier/manufacturer will replace any faulty equipment or instrument within the shortest possible timeframe (generally within 48 hours) at no cost to the owner during the first year. Similarly efficient maintenance can be arranged with the supplier/manufacturer for a reasonable cost.

 Training, local technical support

The company intends to invest significant financial and human capital to build and develop regional technical support facilities during the coming years. The supplier/manufacturer will provide extensive training for the staff of the owner/operator both at the manufacturing site when the system (TCG unit) is assembled for final testing (for providing an opportunity for the purchaser to ascertain that the TCG meets the set performance parameters) and also at the purchaser’s site once the unit is assembled for commercial operation. The local/regional (or at least the European technical support center) will provide assistance to carry out routine maintenance or repair for the owners/operators under a separate agreement if requested.

The company will assure that the technical/engineering supporting staff in the European center or other regional center(s) will be capable of carrying out any and all manner of repair or maintenance on those system parts and units that were supplied by the company. Once the TCG unit or the system is handed over to the owner/operator, the full responsibility for the proper use and operation as specified in the operation manual will rest with the owner/operator.  However, the company’s experts stand ready to assist the new owner/operator in the full and most efficient operation of the system.

 Contract management

Once the TCG unit or system is handed over, the company expects that the purchaser/owner will assume full responsibility and will operate the system by its own staff. However, if for whatever reason, the owner/operator does not have or does not wish to develop the necessary technical and operational staff to run the system, the company would be interested in engaging in an operations contract with the owner under specific arrangements and agreements. In this event, the company would will provide the required technical, administrative and labor force with full responsibility concerning labor, health and safety and other state and local regulations. The ownership of the TCG unit or system will always remain with the purchaser.

Procurement, services

The company expects a prospective purchaser to carry out all the design and site preparation and associated work, and to obtain all required environmental, operational and building permits for the establishment and operation of a TCG unit or system.  In addition, the company prefers to supply the complex system required to manufacture the required end product(s) by the purchaser in a “turnkey” arrangement. However, if a prospective purchaser does not have the necessary staff to carry out the design and site preparation work, or the permitting, or wishes to purchase some of the different auxiliary units (i.e. feed material sorting, preparation, or any downstream units such as electricity generating units, etc.), the company is prepared to assist in this endeavor by working with the purchaser and its staff to carry out such procurement, design work, permitting and/or any geotechnical and site preparation work under a separate agreement.

Or staff will cooperate closely with the purchaser’s staff or sub-contractor in order to select and purchase the most suitable unit. In this case, the company will provide the usual industry guarantee for those units that were supplied directly by the company.  In short, our company is ready to work with the purchaser in the most flexible and cooperative manner in order to accomplish that which the purchaser desires to accomplish.